Professional Registration 

  • Mii Licence​ & Credentials
  • Mii Baccalaureate Program
  • Mii Professional Access Program 

Coaching And Mentoring

     Recognition of

  • Academic Qualifications 
  • Professional Work
  • Voluntary Experience 


  • Three pathways
  • Professional Recognition
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
  • Coaching and Mentoring 


All our classes are facilitated by caring and passionate teachers who open the world to you in useful ways that provide you with the practical experience you need to supplement your knowledge based learning.

Build on your coaching and mentoring opportunities now!

Masters International Institute


Our graduates go on to have diverse careers in business, well-being, education, and the performing arts to mention a few.  More than 75 percent undertake the Professional Access Program (CPE Program)  

Every year new students graduate from the Institute poised and fully confident of their skills. They have a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to improving the future for everyone and the organisations they work for.  

Many go on to pursue opportunities found in the various pathways on offer earning professional designations pertinent to their area of study along the way. 


With so many students the world over there's always something going on.  Our accredited schools, clubs and organisations provide countless hours of activities per week to their students.